About Tyto.AI

About Tyto.AI

Tyto.ai is an artificial intelligence product and consulting company based in Sydney and Adelaide, Australia.

Established in 2018 and funded by H2 Ventures, Tyto.ai explores the new world of A.I. software and services.

We draw on our years of experience in software engineering, machine learning research and development and in deploying machine learning systems to build the best possible solutions in a range of industries.

Our Tyto.AI Data Collector promises to be the easiest way to collect and analyse data from your mobile device.

Why Tyto? Tyto is a family of owls, well known for their exceptional wisdom and vision.

About Tyto.AI

Success Stories

Since launching, Tyto.ai has helped a range of companies with real problems in machine learning and A.I. In fields ranging from medical diagnosis, to legal compliance and even eSports, our services have helped companies build products and solve problems in new and innovative ways.

Our Services

  • Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

    Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

    We are experts in cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. We have experience building and deploying solutions in tools including:
    • Tensorflow
    • Pytorch
    • Keras
    • FastAI
    • Spark
    • Scikit
    • Spacy
    We also build bespoke solutions in Java, Python, Javascript or R.
  • APIs


    We have a portfolio of existing APIs and build highly scalable custom A.I. APIs for customers. Our specialities include natural language processing (NLP), images and graph data.
  • Boutique Consulting

    Boutique Consulting

    We provide selective consulting on specialist problems. We prefer to take on problem areas where our skills are most useful, in areas such as cutting edge machine learning techniques, natural language processing and knowledge graphs. Our unique background incorporating both research and industry deployment makes us uniquely suited to hard problems such as:
    • Unstructured data
    • Machine learning for low data environments
    • High accuracy and high speed systems
    • High security or privacy sensitive systems
  • Data Collection

    Data Collection

    We are building the Tyto.AI Data Collector, a customisable mobile application for collecting data with your phone. Sign up for the preview release now!
  • Data Analysis

    Data Analysis

    We perform deep data analysis, either on data collected by the Tyto.AI data collector, on your own data or on combinations.
  • Tyto Glance

    Tyto Glance

    Tyto Glance is an application which provides rapid insights into a business ecosystem by collecting and collating multiple data sources. It uses our Natural Language Understanding (NLU) APIs to automate much of the slow and repetitive parts of an analysts job.

    Tyto Glance is under development at the moment. We are looking for innovative companies to partner with and tailor it to their requirements.